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how to equip yourself well when you start?


No traffic rules, no pedestrians, no traffic! All you need to do is use your wrist, as well as putting your throttle on full throttle. It is certainly for this reason that motocross is one of the simplest and most addictive sports in France. However, it is not as liberal a discipline as it sounds. It remains very demanding and can impose many mental and physical conditions. This is certainly why the majority of raiders in the world follow fairly advanced training and have nothing to envy to F1 drivers. It is also in this sense that when you are a beginner in the world of Pit Bike, you have to be well equipped.

Have the right equipment

When pit biking, one of the things you will need when you start out is to invest in equipment. And when you browse the WKX Racing website , you can have access to light and resistant clothing. Also, apart from the helmet and the glove, you may need sturdy boots which are important tools when you want to be prepared against impacts.

 protective accessories for your Suzuki motorcycle

You will also need belly protection, as well as back protection to prevent stones thrown at full speed during your run from puncturing your skin. In addition, you will need a knee pad, as well as cervical protection because you cannot avoid falls in motocross.

In addition, you will need masks, tear-offs, as well as a roll-off, in order to always have excellent vision. The most important piece of equipment remains the pair of boots.

Pit Bike Maintenance

If you have just bought your Pit Bike (or Dirt, in this case see this article ), know that you will need to know the right rules for its optimal maintenance. Obviously, all new engines need to be broken in so that the parts that rub against each other can achieve their perfect surfaces. The same goes for the Pit Bike.

Also, it is important to change the engine oil after the first 20 minutes of starting the engine. For good reason, the oil found in the Pit Bike when purchased is not always of very good quality. Moreover, in terms of the oil to choose, you will have to opt for a 10w40 oil if you plan to use your motorcycle for leisure. A semi-synthesized oil will also be an excellent compromise between quality and cost.

If you plan to use your motorcycle for much more competitive use, you can choose 100% synthetic, a very good oil to date for everything related to 4t engines.

In addition, the quantity of oil that you will need to put in the engine of your motorcycle should not exceed 900 ml. Nor should it be below. This is why the oil level should always be checked regularly. Insufficient oil can be the cause of damage or binding on the engine.

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