Dealership vs. Private Seller

RV Dealership vs. Private Seller: Pros and Cons


The market for RV has been growing quite consistently. Are you an enthusiast for RVs? You may be checking out the options for buying the right vehicle. So, should you buy an RV from an RV Dealership vs. a Private Seller? Both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, we thought of finding the pros and cons of the two options.

The benefits of a dealership

Well, the dealership comes with a few special advantages that make them stand out.

  • One-stop shopping – Dealerships provide the benefit of simplified shopping. You can get practically every type of vehicle. You can check different models, and compare features side-by-side. You will potentially find the bestvehicles in one location.
  • Best warranty options – When you deal with a dealership, you will get the best warranty. Moreover, they handle all your warranty claims in-house.
  • Service and support – The service and support available with dealerships make them a winner. They have trained technicians who can address any issues with your RV after purchase. A visit to your nearest Redwood RV dealer should provide you an insight into the best deals offered by the dealerships.

The benefits of Private sellers

As with the dealerships, the private sellers to offer their own advantage.

  • Potentially lower prices – You may get a better price as opposed to the prices offered by the dealerships.
  • Best finds and customizations – Private sellers may have their vehicles customized. This will give you access to an option where you can get unique finds.
  • It can help build relationships – Buying an RV from a private seller can be a personal experience. You can connect with the seller and learn in detail about the history of the RV being sold.

The issues with dealerships and private sellers

Well, that should not necessarily mean either dealerships or private sellers are the best.

  • Limited collection – A dealership offers you a wider collection as opposed to the limited options available with the private sellers. Simply visit a Redwood RV dealership to find an outstanding collection of RV options.
  • Financing issues – It may be difficult to find the right financing options for the private sellers. You will need to arrange pre-financing through your bank.
  • You need to be careful – The decision to choose the right vehicle rests with you. You may need to look for a qualified RV inspector to identify any potential issues and avoid costly surprises down the road.
  • As Is purchase – Private sellers will never offer you any warranty on their purchase. You will be buying your vehicles in an “as is” condition. You may need to bear the cost of repairs if any.

Make sure to consider the pros and cons of each of these options. You should be able to arrive at the best options for your recreation. So, remember that it is always important to make informed decisions when it comes to picking the best RV. The tips above should typically be helpful in making the right choices.

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