B-SUV segment with the new ASX

Mitsubishi reinvests in the B-SUV segment with the new ASX


The Japanese manufacturer has just presented the first of two new vehicles intended for the European market where it is finally maintaining its activities. This is the second generation of the ASX. A model now positioned in the very lucrative city SUV segment, where the Peugeot 2008 and other Renault Capturs reign supreme.

New blood at Mitsubishi  ! It has now been several years since the three-diamond brand launched a new model on the European market. Apart from the introduction of the restyled version of the Eclipse Cross PHEV  in April 2021 and the facelift of the SpaceStar mini-city car in March 2020, the last new vehicle to arrive in the range is the L200 pick-up  in September 2019.

Thus, the presentation of this new generation of the ASX SUV marks a turning point for the manufacturer and its distributors. “The new Mitsubishi ASX marks  the beginning of a new phase for Mitsubishi Motors Europe. This is the first of two new models that will be launched by the end of 2023,”  said Frank Krol , CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Europe, who is hopeful of relaunching the brand in this .

The Japanese brand Mitsubishi is reorganizing itself very seriously on the French market

Positioned in the city SUV (B-SUV) segment  – ​​where competition is tough but volumes generous – the second-generation Mitusbishi ASX is based on the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance ‘s CMF-B platform . If the front grille features the specific “Dynamic Shield” design dear to the brand,  ”  inspiring robustness and dynamism  ” , the three-diamond logo is present on the wheel caps and the steering wheel, and the Mitsubishi surname is inscribed in all letters on the tailgate, you don’t have to be a great specialist in the automotive industry to recognize the  Renault Captur under these few modifications. A safe market value, transformed for the occasion at a lower cost.

Thermal, mild hybrid, hybrid or plug-in hybrid

Manufactured alongside its French counterpart, at the Renault plant in Valladolid , Spain, the Japanese model therefore takes overall exterior and interior design, its modularity including the sliding rear seat, its infotainment system, its driver assistance technologies. On the engine side, the synergies between the two manufacturers are also present since the Mitsubishi ASX, adopts two thermal blocks, a hybrid and a rechargeable hybrid , already proven with cousins ​​Renault and Nissan.

. As an electrified SUV offering a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and infotainment systems, the new ASX fully meets the expectations of the European market,  ” says  Frank Krol.

In practice, the ASX will soon be able to be ordered with a three-cylinder 1.0  l MPI-T developing 90 hp, a strong four-cylinder 1.3  l DI-T mild hybrid of 140 hp or with the HEV (hybrid) engine combining a 1.6 l petrol and two electric motors for a combined power of 145 hp and, finally, with the PHEV engine based on the same ingredients as the previous one but equipped with a larger capacity battery (10.5 kWh) allowing the vehicle to travel about sixty kilometers in 100% electric and whose cumulative power climbs to 160 hp.

Convince customers of the 15,000 first-generation ASX

The range structure should be quite simple and the standard equipment rather generous, according to the first information delivered by Mitsubishi, which does not yet communicate on the prices of the vehicle. For the record, over the period 2010-2020, nearly 400,000 copies of this SUV (clone of the Citroën C4 Aircross and Peugeot 4008) were sold in Europe.

Regarding the French market, which should have around 3,000 units of this new ASX,  Patrick Gourvennec , the president of Mistubishi Motors France has set the objective for his distribution network to seek out customers of the 15,000 first -class Mitsubishi ASX generation.

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